Fogging Services

Fogging Services

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The Disinfecting Fogging Service is recommended for anyone who has been either directly or indirectly exposed to any sort of virus, including viruses from flu/cold and human coronavirus. We use Thermal Fogging and Electrostatic Sprayer Systems. This method of disinfection can be safely used in homes, offices, schools, daycare facilities, gyms, locker rooms, churches, stores and more!

In addition to our fogging systems, our technicians are equipped with UV Disinfection Wand (Light) which is the best method in disinfecting personal items such as computers, mobile phones, clothes and etc.

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Benefits of Fogging

The Fogging Treatment eliminates odor, mold, dust mites and kills 99.999% of bacteria, germs, cold and flu viruses, these include but are not limited:

  1. SARS Coronavirus
  2. Tuberculosis
  3. Chlamydia
  4. E-coli, Cytomegalovirus, Staphylococcus aureus
  5. Herpes simplex, Pseudomonas aeruginosa
  6. Hepatitis A & B

Our Disinfecting Fogging System

  • Our Disinfecting Fogging is non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-caustic, non-staining, non-carcinogenic and pH neutral. It won’t stain clothing, counters, etc.
  • The fog prevents the build-up of pathogens even after it has been applied, so it does have a residual effect. A pathogen is a microbial organism that spreads disease.
  • People, food, plants, and pets do not need to be removed whilst fogging your business premises or home, although you may choose to vacate.
  • It is perfectly safe to be in the room while we are fogging (the fog will cause you to cough but is not harmful). The only exception is Asthma or Emphysema sufferers, or those suffering from other respiratory problems.
  • We have a type of “litmus paper” test that we can show you at the time of fogging to confirm the efficacy of the application.

The Disinfecting Fogging Process

1. Get in touch with us.

Fill out our form or give us a call at 1-951-275-7793.

2. Set an appointment.

Pick from the available dates on our schedule that best works for you.

3. Fogging Process.

Our specialist will first prepare the area. We recommend our clients leave the premises during this process to ensure that are no snags and that the treatment is as effective as possible.

4. After Completion.

Our technician will supply you with a Litmus Paper Test, demonstrating the amount of active ingredient which can be found on the treated surfaces and thus proving to you the efficacy of the treatment and ensuring that there are no pathogens left in the area. Door hangers will be used at the entrances to those areas treated indicating the efficacy of the treatment.

AP Commercial & Residential Services is a full-service company that offers fogging services to help control the spread of viruses and bacteria. Fogging is a process of applying a fine mist of disinfectant to surfaces in a room or area. This mist coats surfaces and kills viruses and bacteria on contact, and in many instances, fogging is an effective way to disinfect large areas quickly and efficiently.

If you’re looking for an ideal solution for residential and commercial needs alike, our fogging services are a safe and effective way to control the spread of viruses and bacteria. The entire process is efficient and reliable, and it offers maximum peace of mind if you’re concerned about the safety of your interior space. Fogging is an important part of any infection control plan, and it is an effective way to keep your home or business safe from the spread of disease.

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